Mail Carrier’s Kindness Changes The Life Of A WWII Veteran

Joy's Turn

Jeana Wade is a mail carrier in Petersburg, Virginia.   While working her route one day she was stopped by 88 year old Al Emory; a widower and WWII veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne (the first airborne division sent overseas to battle).  Mr. Emory, disabled from the war, told Jeana that he wasn’t able to read or write very well and he was concerned he wasn’t going to be able to get his disability checks delivered to his new address  Jeana helped him with the necessary paperwork to assure that his meager assistance checks would be delivered properly.  Having lost her father one year earlier she was drawn to the elderly man and the two quickly became friends.

Entering his trailer one day Jeana found the conditions Mr. Emory was living in to be quite appalling.  Having no close family to assist him; an 83 year old brother…

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No Hamster


Today a coworker stepped into my office to invite me to a function celebrating World Animal Day. She handed me a flyer showing photographs of native wildlife, house pets, and exotic animals. I told her that might be fun and I laid the flyer on my desk.

“Hey, do you have any pets?” she asked.

“No, I don’t.” I answered.

I live alone in a third floor condo. Between work days and weekend travel, any pet I owned would spend most of its time alone. Unfair, I think. Before I could explain that to her, she had a question.

“You don’t like animals?” she asked, in apparent disgust.

I tried to respond, but she interrupted.

“Your parents never let you have pets.” she assumed, and rolled her eyes.

Again I tried to respond, but she had another question.

“You never even had a hamster?” she asked as she appeared…

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